Is Local Rep Support Useful? Fact or Myth?

Availability of local support is often questioned. This will require presence of a staff nearby customer location. 

A local rep or distributor are mostly sales oriented and will not be much help with most technical issues.

They will have to, in turn, contact the factory for assistance. This will not save any time, but often takes longer because the rep will have to find time to visit the customer site.

With today's technology, it is much easier for the customer to be in touch with the factory tech support instantaneously. 

Using WeChat messenger, each can converse and exchange data/ photo instantaneously. 

With a team of qualified factory support, most problem is diagnosed and resolved on the spot. When a component is needed to be sent, priority courier service is used for quick delivery. 

Today, Xeltek maintains support for SuperBOT1,2,3,4, 5, 5e, and 5X, and more are on the way. It is unreasonable to assume that any local rep can be expected to support such a diversity and also store adequate spare parts on site. 

Xeltek maintains support sites in 2 continents, US and Asia. Xeltek staffs are often ready to exchange messages with you and resolve any issue on the spot. And this service is provided free of charge during the warranty period. 

            Is local sales rep useful?

With local sale reps a middle man is involved, why not work directly with Xeltek?

To provide the best solutions we recommend contacting us directly.

           Annual service contract?

Xeltek offers no annual service contract, we provide 5 years of FREE remote support.

With our FREE factory training operators will learn how to service their SuperBot, offering a low cost maintenance & service.

Ongoing service and maintenance cost are a factor NOT to be ignored. 

Afterward, users should be able perform own service and maintenance with help of factory tech-support. 

            On-site support?

Service person cannot know various symptoms in hardware, software, and IC device. In most cases, he/she has to contact the factory for support. Time consumed in the meantime will be at least 24hrs and often the following days. It has been proven time after time that Xeltek Remote Service will diagnose an issue on the spot and solution provided at the same time.

We believe onsite support is not efficient since it will cause operation delays.

When onsite support is required a technician must visit your factory, this can take couple days to weeks until a technician can make it out.

Our quick and dedicated engineering team we can resolve issues within 24 hours or same day.

Support staffs are available for access from 2 continents, US and China, and they are available for access during evening and weekends.

Users are happy because they can take care of most issues themselves without having to call nor wait for factory service technician thanks to our FREE factory training!

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             Equipment operating noise factor

SuperBot is quiet enough to be operated in a small office or a apartment!

Our SuperBot-3 customer AITEK, is operating directly from their apartment without bothering them or their neighbors. 

             1,000,000 cycle socket adapter(High Insertion Socket Adapter)

Such sockets are custom developed and unit cost may exceed $10,000 ea.

When 8sockets are populated, cost for each device is $80K and for 10+ devices, cost will reach $1,000.000!! Is this really necessary?

8ea sockets together will program 8,000,000 devices! Based on 400 device usage/day, the sockets will last for 20,000 days, 400 weeks, or 25years!

SuperBOT5 accommodates up to 32 socket adapters for high volume production. Most high-volume manufacturers use this method. Socket adapter replacement takes less than 5 minutes. But most operators will simply bypass the socket on the computer screen in a minute and go on with the production process.

Please do not waste money on High Insertion Socket Adapters

Socket adapter cost is an ongoing expense, which deserves a note. Xeltek offers both single and 4socket adapters for user convenience. Maximum of 8ea 4gang socket adapters may be used for 32socket operation.


Xeltek provides 1 year FREE replacement parts + support and 5 year FREE remote support.

              Xeltek is a no frills high volume System Manufacturer

SuperBot continues to be the most affordable Automated Universal IC Programmer on the market.

This is due to high volume manufacturing in China and low-price policy.

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