Xeltek SuperPro Socket Adapter 

SuperPro Socket Adapter Compatibility

DX: SuperPro 6100N, SuperPro 6104NPG, SuperPro 6100 & SuperPro 6104

GX: SuperPro 7500 & SuperBot 2, 3, 4 & 5

*SuperBot adapters require an open top socket, please check the product page for adapter information and image for verifcation.

CX: SuperPro 5000/e, SuperPro 6000/e & SuperPro 5004GP

SA: SuperPro 610p & SuperPro 611s

Including: SuperPro 601S, SuperPro 600P, SuperPro 501S, SuperPro 500P, SuperPro M, SuperPro 3000U, SuperPro 580U & SuperPro 280U

Socket Adapter Socket Styles

For further socket adapter questions please contact Tech Support - TechSupport@Xeltek.Com

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