Real Time Support, Direct & Same Day Solutions

Xeltek has been successfully providing real time support, offering same day solutions!

Many customers seek for local support, which we believe isn’t effective.

Most local support requires travel time causing production delays, you can expect to be down for a couple days.

Once the local support has arrived, they’ll evaluate your system then report it to their factory.

Which makes the local support a middleman.

Here at Xeltek we offer REAL TIME support, we have been able to fix issues in a couple hours!

Xeltek has a team of Engineering Specialists which is ready to help and solve any issues.

Our real time support involves direct chat, video conference and PC remote.

Real Time Support has been very effective and have made many customers pleased.

Throughout the years Xeltek has never had to send out our specialist to troubleshoot an equipment.

Problem Solved! Case Study - Arcelik

Arcelik had purchase our SuperBot-3 unit, they were able to successfully program their devices.

Upon testing their programmed devices the chips did not work on their application.

They contacted us via direct messaging, which were connected directly to our engineering specialist.

Our team quickly reviewed their application and discovered their bad block method was incompatible with our software.

They were able to quickly develop a new algorithm suitable for their requirements within 3 hours!

After receiving the update directly  they retried their operation again, successfully programmed and working on their application.

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Throughout the years Xeltek as been recognized for their QUICK support & same day solutions

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Real Time Support