Support service is available from both California USA and China. You will have up to 17 hours of window open for a service contact. You may contact us via Wechat (very fast), email, or phone. Team Viewer may be utilized as necessary to monitor operation. Most problems are resolved within hours and will not tie up your production operation.

 Xeltek also offers free training for up to 5 days at the factory in China. Trained staff should be able to set up and operate the equipment within a day. Onsite training is also available as an option.

The offer is not over yet!

Xeltek customers, who own SuperBOT family of Automated Programming System are enjoying High Performance, High Reliability, and Expedient Service at Very Competitive Purchase Prices. Customers are very satisfied with the operation and prompt service provided to them. After an initial period of correspondences after purchase, we rarely hear from them afterward other than for socket adapter purchase.

Xeltek is now emboldened to offer free support services for 5 years from the date of purchase(*)! Have any question on operational issue or service? Just let us know and our experienced staff will attend to your issue quickly. 

If a component replacement is required, the customer will only pay for the cost of the material & shipping!

Chance to feel the convenient service from us!


Xeltek brought a good news for all the customers

We are now offering FREE support services on automated programmers for 5 YEARS!

From the date of purchase, enjoy our complete service without any fees


We have used Xeltek for the majority of our programming needs and the responsiveness of your technical services will continue to make Xeltek our first choice for programming. 

Will - Z-axis

I would like to mention the service  Xeltek staffs.

Rubi - Reel Service Israel Ltd

Very Good service and excellent responsiveness by tech support!

Stephanie - Arrow

All the problems we have been facing looks to be solved. Thank you for your support! 

Umut - Karel Electronics

For support for our new micros for our new products as well as support for older obsolete ICs, we received excellent and fast response.

Paul - Realityworks Co.

I just wanted to thank you for the great support on this and being done so quickly. Your effort is much appreciated.

Tony - Illinois Components Inc.

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(*)For the first year, the manufacturer shall provide replacement material and remote support free of charge. (socket adapters are not included) For the next 4years, free remote support shall be provided.

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