How to find the correct adapter for your device using the SuperPro software.

This tutorial was made using the SuperPro 6100N software, but the method works for all SuperPro software.

First you need to identify your device's package type and pin count.

We will find an adapter for Microchip / Amtel device AT24C04D-MAHM-E.

This device is a UDFN 8pin package type, shown on the right side.

Open your SuperPro software and open the Device Selection, found under the Device Menu.

Now that your device search is open you then can input your device's part number.

If no results are shown you may delete certain parts of the part number, until you get results.

We do not put the full IC manufacturer part#, part# only includes family and related specifications.

Certain part# related to temperature, revision or manufacturer code is not needed. Therefore we do not include them into the device part number. 

We were able to get results by removing AT24C04D-MAHM-E

Select your package type & pin count.

In this case we will choose AT24C04D@UDFN8

UDFN = Package

8= Pin Count

Select the device and open Dev.Info

The Device Information will open, below you may see the compatible socket adapters.

*Multiple socket adapters may appear, you may choose either the first or second adapter. 

This indicates different type of socket styles. Socket Style is user's preference. 

Socket style(Open top or Clam Shell) image can be viewed on the product page.

Choose the adapter part# and search the product on our website.

Use our Search Bar to search for your adapter on the following page:

Click Here

For further questions please contact Tech Support -

Socket Adapter Information