How we met as partners:

AITEK came to the Shanghai Nepcon Show in April 2018 to check various automated programming systems. There were Data I/O, BPM, HiLo, Dediprog, and a number of Chinese system manufacturers on the exhibit.

They decided on SuperBOT-3 instead of SuperBOT-2 because they had high hopes of increasing their business within a few years. They came to Xeltek China in Nanjing for 5 days of training and took hard training going through all the intricacies of calibration and adjustment.

SuperBOT case study : AITEK Programming Service

We recently sold 32 socket SuperBOT-3 Automated Programming System to AITEK in Seoul, Korea. Find out why they have chosen us for their solution!


When they received our SuperBOT-3 & Auto tray, they were able to set it up and operate in one day! This is an amazing feat.

They started their programming service since then and up till now, they have finished working on the three different high volume programming projects of Samsung MCUs.

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Installation & Operation:

Because of low System prices (less than $30,000 for SB4), there are many new customers who are interested in investing in the Automated System.


The value of a programming product is a combination of price, the number of devices supported, programming speed, regular update of devices, free downloads, and reliability.

SuperBOT series are designed with the above factors in mind which provide the best value in the industry. This is the main reason of Aitek choosing Xeltek as preferred programming equipment provider.

"We were able to install and operate the SB3 system within 24hours and also program 20,000 devices quickly" - Hoon Park

How is AITEK doing today?

In over a year of their business, they were able to take on longer customers and grow the business. Now, the family has more time available at their disposal to enjoy life. Like is not all work anymore.

They have also managed to run the system well with the help of our Xeltek Technical Support Team via remote support.

Support contract? None needed! Remote support is free. They took factory training prior to the purchase and this helped a lot to maintain their system.

Once an unknown behemoth they have never seen before, it is now a tamed and reliable friend they depend on.

Grow your business effortlessly with the help of Xeltek Automated Programmers.

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