This Korean couple provided chip programming service from their house(apartment). The husband was getting to retire soon, and they wanted to run a programming service business afterward.

The business was growing steadily, and the wife had to spend a lot of time doing manual programming into late evening. The husband turned his eyes toward automatic programming. They visited the 2018 Nepcon Show held in Shanghai and checked out various automatic equipment. Among them were Data I/O, BPM System, Dediprog, Hilo, and Xeltek. Afterward, they visited Xeltek factory in Nanjing China with handful of their own chips. After checking details of SuperBOT3 operation with their own chips, they purchased it.

Upon arrival of the equipment at their apartment, they sent a message that the system was set up and in operation the next day! The husband was a software engineer with little experience in mechanical equipment. Yes, with only 2days of training, they were able to set it up, make adjustment, and be able to program chips.

At first, they were worried about noise, which may cause difficulty with their neighbor. They purchased a low noise air compressor. Their worry was unfounded. It ran quietly enough they never heard from their neighbor.

Over the course of time, they communicated with factory and received help via Wechat and email. They were able to replace socket adapters, make nozzle adjustment, and replace a programming unit, Superpro7500.

Now, they don't have to work late hours and weekends anymore. They can afford to travel and have quiet time of their own.

Xeltek SuperBOT Series

Mom and Pop Programming Service House(Apartment)